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Our dedicated yoga studio. Come and find us at 144, Orford Lane, Warrington.

Warrington’s First-Ever Holistic Centre


Did you know that most of us don’t know how to breathe properly? It’s true. Learning how to breathe efficiently has so many positive benefits, if you feel you would like to give this a go then why not try a class for free.  This class is for 30 minutes and we recommend you practice every day  for a few minutes to develop and refine your skills,  just like you would if you were training for any other sport. Not that breathing is a sport but everything we do will benefit from breathing more efficiently.

Chair yoga is a style of class that we offer at planet 9 so no need to worry if you can’t sit on the floor.

If you don’t fancy yoga we also offer Sound Baths. An amazing experience completely bathing you is sound energy, helping you relax and achieve a meditation state.

What about playing the gongs and singing bowls in our sound meditation classes starting in September. This is a different from a sound bath its using sound with the breath to develop a deeper connection with the self.

You may want to simply treat yourself or a friend to some me time at planet 9 by Enjoying one of our Alternative natural treatments. with one of our very highly skilled therapists. 

Having a Hard day


Our studio sits above our shop so why not spend a little time there, it is full of beautiful things that can lift the spirit and focus the mind, you might just find a special gift for a loved one or something nice for yourself.



We are all about personal development at planet 9 and we encourage learning wherever we can, not just about yoga and yoga philosophy the Chakra systems.  but about our beautiful range of crystals and more.

At Planet 9 you can spend time looking and reading our book collection in the yoga studio. Something to do if you arrive early for a class.


Just a part of the collection


The opportunity to learn, develop, reduce stress and let go of old behaviours and habits,  become stronger leaner fitter healthier finding your happy place at planet 9  supporting you and your family both physically and mentally is what we love to do best.


Putting Warrington / Orford Lane on the map for the best place to practiced and learn about Yoga

Which is much easier to do than you might think, because you are encouraged to work within your own limits and to build on your own strengths and weaknesses with the guidance of the teacher.  Basic yoga is accessible to almost everyone and can even be done on a chair. Beginners yoga can be done everyone of any age.   Sometimes it is advisable to have one or two private lessons to get you started and to build up a little confidence before joining a class. For more advanced students or students that are working on an individual problem such as a bad back or sore knee will also benefit from a private class.  A good teacher will be able to modify each posture / asana when needed to help the student work around an injury or ongoing health problem such as blood pressure. It is always best to let the teacher know about any concerns you may have at the beginning of a class.


The science of Yoga

Yoga has its origins thousands of years ago, long before the first religion or belief systems were born. According to Yogic lore, Shiva has seen as the first yogi or ādiyogi and the first guru or ādiguru. Several thousand years ago, on the banks of lake Kantisarovar in the Himalayas, ādiyogi poured his profound knowledge into the legendary saptarishis or “seven sages”. These sages carried this powerful Yogic science to different parts of the world including Asia, the Middle East, northern Africa and South America. Interestingly, modern scholars have noted and marvelled at the close parallels found between ancient cultures across the globe. However, it was in India that the Yogic system found its fullest expression. Agastya, the saptarishi who travelled across the Indian subcontinent, crafted this culture around a core Yogic way of life.

Suzann on top of the world! well not really Its Darwen tower, Lancashire

You can practice yoga at any age and just about anywhere

Don’t forget Yoga is about you! be kind to yourself, have fun and be consistent in your practice

Love piece and blessings

Shanti Shanti Shanti


Yoga for Life

The choice is your’s

From a beginner to advanced yogi, choose a class that suits your needs and let us know what you would like to practice, If your preferred class isn’t listed please make a request.

your feed back is always welcome

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Natural Alternative


Reiki  is a form of alternative therapy commonly referred to as energy healing

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils for therapeutic benefit.

Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet (or the hands).

Massage  Swedish massage  Indian Head massage

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Yoga To Just Be!

Mindfulness Meditation

Pranayama and Basic Breathing

Meditation and sound healing. Gong Baths

Have a go with playing a gong combining this with pranyhama / Breathwork and Sound Classes

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