Meditation Class

A meditation class is a chance to work on yourself, give yourself some love some time and space to come home to your true self.

It may seam difficult at first with the monkey mind getting in the way, and in our busy lives, often we feel that there is no time left for ourselfs and also sometimes we can even feel that we don’t deserve it, or we can’t aford to devote the time to ourself’s  as we are to busy looking after family etc.   Makeing the time for yourself is very important for your mental well being.   You can also be more able to help others when you are happy and at your best.

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What to expect

To help settel in we often use music and we will guide you on your way to a deeper meditative state.  You will not be xepected to sit on the floor unless you want too.   We will exprore all different types of meditation and there will be opportunties for group discussions,  and help with how meditation can be fitted in to your everyday life.

We encourage you to work with

Kindness, Love, & Compassion

is a chance to work on yourself,

some time and space to come

give yourself some love

home to your true self.