Restorative Yoga

Why is Restorative Yoga so Difficult ?

Girl in childs’ pose

The class looks lovely with all the props the lighting, lovely fragrances, and soft music, the teacher will have arrived early to set up the room and to create a warm friendly and safe space. 

So what could be so difficult about a class when all you have to do is relax, breathe and just be!

 Well classes will have about 4 – 6 postures and you will be spending around 10 minutes in each. holding the same supported postures for 10 minutes. 

If you fall asleep that is ok just try not to snore too loud. 

So where is the challenge?  

The answer is simply that even though the body will be supported by props in the poses we are looking to fully align the body both physically and mentally and that busy mind of yours just keeps on talking and won’t stop interrupting you with thoughts of things you need to do later.

The Restorative practise gives us the opportunity to find all of the areas of tension in the body and to release them hopefully for good but in reality a few moments later they’re back again. The problem is the tension is held in the body out of habit and it’s a hard habit to break so it will take time to fix.

Awareness of this is so important because disappointment in the early days can move you backwards, accept it will take time but we promise it is worth it. 

When we take this to the next level we need to address the root course of the tension, but this can be so complex and sometimes we just need to let it go rather than looking back at the past and trying to analyze.

So that busy chatty mind and the areas of tension in the body get in the way of the restorative practice.  This is a challenge that you can overcome


you are kind to yourself 

you are patient with yourself

you are consistent with your practice

you have faith in yourself  

If you relax, breath and just be!

 Some Benefits of a restorative Yoga Class

Restorative Yoga is like the reboot on a computer it gives the body time to get rid of the garbage, below are a list of benefits which it can bring,  they may sound like wishful thinking to some people but remember Yoga is about balance, for example learning to still your mind will help you sleep,  if your not feeling tired the next day, you won’t feel so down, if your not feeling down you won’t eat so many comfort foods.   Still your mind and lose weight!

                                 Relax, still, your mind, breathe and Just be

Some of the benefits of  Restorative Yoga

  • Helps to De-Stress by balancing the nervous system
  • Improves Sleep 
  • Can aid in Weight loss
  • Helps with Depression 
  • Boost your immune system
  • Enhance flexibility 
  • The mind will find stillness
  • Meditation will become easier  
  • Helps you to recover from illness
  • Helps to heal emotional pain

Attending your first Restorative Yoga class can bring up feelings of being vulnerable which can make you anxious, or emotional this is because you have given yourself time and space for some self-love, remember you have the right to be here too.

This can bring all of the stress and tension that you have been holding in or hiding from to the surface,  help with this where possible keep your feet on the ground, or having a blanket over you will help keep you grounded, some people even use a sleep mask to cover their eyes.

A Restorative Yoga class is a safe place for you to start the journey of letting go it is a wonderful process and it is all about giving yourself space and time. It’s your “me-time”.

Remember Quiet snoring only !

And all those things you need to do later ? leave them at the door you can collect them on the way out.