Yin Yoga


Is one of the most special and very meditative type’s of yoga classes you can attend,  the focus is on a small number of asanas or postures held for longer and working on each one in a kind to yourself way,  with a lot of control and discipline,  which in turn can give you some great benefits both mentally and physically.

Some of the benefits are!

More flexible and improved muscle tone.  We massage the internal organs of the body.   We squeeze and release muscles creating more blood flow to different areas of the body. Bringing fresh blood supply can bring a glow to your skin and a feeling of well being.

Yin yoga can help sooth our parasympathetic nervous system and help de-stress us. And as we study it in yoga in real life if we feel stress starting to build  we are more able to tap in to parasympathetic nervous system which helps us to stay more in control in difficult situations.

Holding postures for longer,  helps us deal with any emotions that other wise can be left to manifest in unhelpful ways.

Yin Yoga Encourages us to slow down.

Yin yoga helps teach us to be compassionate to ourselves.

We become more in balance and we prepare ourselvs for deeper meditation practice.

What to expect?

We will encourage you to work within your own limitation.  We work with lots of props to support the body and to help increase flexibility,  you can bring your own mats, blocks, straps and blankets if you have them.